Words of the Week 39

Topic: Orphans in Pera's world. Cipher (n) Zero; a nobody; a code The little girl, they called her Zephyr, that wandered the streets was a cipher who could only deliver the letters of the pirate captains. They used her how they pleased; it was the most honest way she could make money. Circumlocution (n) An... Continue Reading →

Words of the Week 38

Topic: Pera in multiple states of intoxication. Cerebral (adj) Intellectual Pera wouldn't consider herself a cerebral woman. She'd never gone to school. The only training she'd had involved landing on her ass everytime someone hit her with a stick. But that was years ago. She was worldly now. She snickered and lounged on the hammock, bottle in... Continue Reading →

Words of the Week 37

Catholic (adj) Embracing everything (not religious) Ashe's taste in music was anything but catholic. She'd only listen to classical music with a maximum of twenty violins and two pianofortes. Caucus (n) Meeting of the members of a political faction The only democracy on the continent bordered her kingdom. She'd heard of silly things like caucuses... Continue Reading →

July Camp NaNo, Goals, and Reading

I've been working on a project in partial secret for Camp NaNoWriMo, and I'm super happy to announce that I won Camp NaNo with a wordcount goal of 30,000 words! I'm also delighted to declare that Inked Silver has a new tag—the "Success" tag. I made the "Failure" tag a long time ago, and moving... Continue Reading →

Words of the Week 36

Ashe Capitulate (v) To surrender Nothing is better than having the scum of the court capitulate at your feet. Careen (v) To swerve uncontrollably The wagon careened to the left, and the healer would've been flung from it had Ashe, shouting his name into the wind, not grabbed onto his wrist. Castigate (v) To reprimand... Continue Reading →

Words of the Week 35

Ashe's World Bromide (n) A dull, obvious saying Each time the cleric spoke, it was as if a child spat out a monotone bromide. Brouhaha (n) Uproar; hubbub There were brouhahas every night, and Ashe returns to the tavern every night despite hating the sweaty, low-class conditions. Perhaps it was the excitement of escaping the... Continue Reading →

Words of the Week 34

Ashe's world. Bivouac (n) A temporary encampment, especially of soldiers, without cover The healer set up a bivouac outside the palace gates and passed out medicine for the flu that had been spreading throughout the city in the past few weeks. If enough people gathered at the palace gates, the king will have to act.... Continue Reading →

Words of the Week 33

I know I typically post these WtWs on Sunday and not Monday, but I suppose the week doesn't really start until the end of Memorial Day. August (adj) Venerable The august lady-priest held her hand out and let the rice husks in her hand drift into the wind. The cooked rice for the children. The... Continue Reading →

Words of the Week 32

Askance (adv) With suspicion or disapproval The healer's old master—from years ago when the kingdom was dark and Ashe's family had not taken over the throne—looked askance at the girl. The healer spoke up, knowing what his master would say and not liking it. "She is innocent and has never harmed a soul." His master... Continue Reading →

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